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steel structure workshop

 What does the steel structure workshop mean? Is it made of steel? What characteristics does it have? Let's share with you by Xinneng Building:
The steel structure workshop mainly refers to the main load-bearing component which is made of steel.Including steel pillars, steel beams, steel structure foundation, steel roof(of course,nowadays the workshop span is relatively large,so basically most of the workshop are use steel structure roof truss) and steel roof.Pay attention---steel structure wall can also use brick wall maintenance. As the steel output of our country is increasing,many steel structure workshops are used,and they are divided into light and heavy steel structure workshop.The industrial and civil building facilities which are constructed of steel are called steel structures.
Steel structure workshop features:
1, Steel structure construction is light, high strength and large span.
2, Steel structure construction period is short which can reduce investment cost accordingly.
3, Steel structure building fire resistance is high, corrosion resistance is strong.
4. Steel structure construction is easy to move and recycle without pollution.