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light steel structure villa

Light steel structure of low rise residential construction technology 
is the foundation construction technology in North America style 
wooden structure on evolved,after more than 100 years of 
development,it has formed excellent physical properties,physical space 
and flexible,easy construction and various forms of mature construction 
system.In the world as the habitat of the best North American 
The North American wood structure and light steel structure have 
absolute advantages in the whole construction market.At present, 
with the rising of timber prices,the market development of North 
American light steel structure system is increasing rapidly with the 
growth rate of more than 30%,and gradually accepted by the market.
Summarize the reasons to the rapid development of the North American 
light steel structure,it can be summed up as the technology is mature 
and reliable,flexible structure system conducive to the construction 
and commercial development of economic construction,advanced 
technology and environmentally friendly energy sustainable 
development trend of several aspects.