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Usage and advantage of single layer prefab house

 What are the advantages of single layer prefab house? What about its usage?
Single layer prefab house has reliable structure and steel frame system which can meet the requirements of strength,safety and reliability,meet the design specification of single prefab house structure;easy disassembly: single layer prefab house's wall and roof materials are color steel sandwich panel.The single layer prefab house is mainly connected by bolts so it just need simple tools for installation.The house is designed according to the specification of container which is convenient for transportation and hoisting,and can be disassembled and assembled many times,and the rate of repeated use is high.
The usage of single layer prefab house is:offices,sales offices,classrooms,shops,cafes,exhibition halls,hospitals,dormitories,canteens,industrial 
workshop,warehouse,parking lot,simple shed,single slope,real activity booth,villas,temporary facilities and other activities.