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The single layer prefab house

 The single layer prefab house is made of light steel structure with keel,and thermal insulation sandwich panel as wall and roof panel, which can be simply module construction.It is easy to assemble and disassemble.
The application of single layer prefab house is office,sales offices,classrooms,shops,cafes,exhibition halls,hospitals,dormitories,canteens,industrial workshop, warehouse,parking lot,simple shed,single slope house,prefab guardhouse,villas,temporary facilities and other activities.
Area calculation method:
1. The area of prefab house is the outer wall length*width*layers.
2. Outdoor staircase and walkways are calculated according to the sum of the projection areas of the natural layer.
3. Canopy is calculated by half of level projection area.
4. The panel outside the wall will not counting the area.
5. Total area = (1) + (2) + (3).
6. The standard layer has two staircases which left&right side both have one.Each staircase is 4.5sqm,when increase or decrease the staircase,it could be counted according to the number of staircases.
7. Unless specified,the amount of engineering calculation methods are adjusted according to the above calculation formula.