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The origin of container house

 Foshan Prefab house:the origin of container house;Container house is a kind of movable and reusable building product.Also it is known as the combination container house or collective container house.Modular design,factory production,the box as the basic unit,can be used alone,but it can also be used through the horizontal and vertical direction of different combinations form a spacious use space,vertical direction can be laminated.The box body unit structure is a standard component welded by special steel,and between the houses are connected by bolts.The structure is simple,and the installation is convenient and quick.
Due to the strong frame of the container,many people used old containers and remade them temporary offices or houses.Even abroad,there are cheap and rugged housing to solve the housing crisis.Last week there was a real estate project which consisting of container houses officially opened in the south city of England called Brighton City,and 36 local homeless temporary residents to become the first livers.Later,the design of the house was made with the specifications of the container.