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Steel structure workshop's construction and characteristics

What is the construction and characteristics of steel structure workshop?Let's introduce to you by Foshan Xinneng Building Materials Co.,Ltd:
Embedded parts: it could make the structure stable;
Column:usually use H steel or C steel(usually use angle steel to connect two C steel);
Beam: C and H steels are generally used (the height of the intermediate beam is determined according to the span of the beam);
Rod: usually use C steel,and also channel steel;
Roof tiles: there are two kinds.The first one is a monolithic tile (color steel tile).The second one is composite panel(EPS,rock wool,polyurethane).
(The core is EPS material which makes the workshop winter warm and summer cool,and also has sound insulation effect).
Features: steel structure workshop is mainly refers to the main load-bearing components are made of steel.Including steel pillars,steel beams,steel structure foundation,steel roof(of course,the plant span is relatively large,basically now all are use steel structure roof truss),steel roof,pay attention to steel structure wall,it can also be maintained by brick wall.