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Steel structure knowledge

 Foshan Xinneng Building Materials Co.,Ltd would like to introduce steel structure knowledge with you:
Compared to traditional concrete structure,light steel structure has large span,low basic requirement,anti wind resistance,anti earthquake resistance,beautiful appearance,short construction period and low maintenance cost,now it's increasingly popular and also has been rapid development.
Compared with heavy steel structure,light steel structure has light weight,less steel consumption,lower bearing requirement for the foundation,short design cycle and fast construction speed,especially suitable for the construction of large span structure.It has been widely used in factories,office buildings,large supermarkets, logistics warehouses,exhibition halls,hangar and indoor stadiums and stadiums.
Process characteristics of light steel structure:
Light steel structures are usually made of Q345 and Q235 steel,and most of them are Q345 steel.As the most commonly used and mature low alloy high strength structural steel,Q345 steel has good properties and good weldability.In addition to some column and floor,the web plate and wing plate thickness is basically 4 - 20mm medium plate,which is the most favorable thickness range for welding process.The light steel structure generally does not use the box type,the cross type structure,the component part mostly is the H type section.Because of the economic,mechanical and structural characteristics,rolling H steel is not generally used,and most of them are welded H steel.
It is easy to realize the automation of welding and assembly for the H type solid bellied beam column structure.But in addition to the sandwich beam and the partial edge column,the middle column is a constant section,most of the components are variable cross-section form,which also puts forward higher requirements for the automation of welding.