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Steel structure houses introduction

 Steel structure house is residential building with steel as building bearing beam column.So,what advantages does it have? Now let's share with you by Foshan Xinneng Building Materials Co.,Ltd.
1, Light weight,high strength.Steel structure house's weight is reinforced concrete residential house around 1/2;to meet the needs of large residential bays,the use of the area increased by about 4% than the reinforced concrete residential house.
2, Safety and reliability,good seismic and wind resistance.
3, Steel structural components are produced in the factory which can reduce on-site workload and shorten the construction period,so it's in line with industrial requirements.
4, Steel structure factory production quality is reliable,accurate size,easy installation,easy to connect with relevant parts.
5, Steels can be recycled,when construction and demolition,it will cause less pollution to the environment.