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Steel Structure Warehouse&Workshop

 Usage analysisof prefab house and steel structure
In our country,the light steel structure house is still in the initial stage,and the main service groups are the new rural reconstruction project and the urban 
multi high-rise buildings and villas.At first,many users doubted whether the light steel structure houses were earthquake resistant,energy saving and environmental protection,which caused some resistance to market promotion.
Light steel buildings were introduced into China for a very short time,and were originally used only for temporary structures.Until now,this structure is still widely used in various temporary buildings.The use properties of steel structural composite houses have been changed,and it is a permanent,suitable for human habitation and high quality steel structure houses.
As China's energy-saving industry policy continues to promote,the combination of light steel structure building with its unique advantage is gradually accepted by the people.They are energy saving,green,personalized construction is changing people's living concept.
It is understood that the light steel structure residential system, the usage of steel is most provincial,and material consumption is almost zero.In addition, the utility model has the advantages of fast construction,wind proof,shock proof,insect prevention,moisture proof and fire prevention,etc.,and it is a house system fully meet he requirements of energy conservation.