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Movable sentry box introduction

 What does movable sentry box refer to? Let's Foshan Xinneng Prefab house introduce to you.
Movable sentry box is a kind of environmental protection and economic type sentry box with light steel as framework,sandwich panel as wall material,space connection with standard modulus series,and bolt connection with component.It can be conveniently assembled and disassembled which make the general standard of temporary construction and set up environmental protection and energy saving,efficient building concepts.The sentry boxes go into a series of development and integrated production,supporting the supply,inventory and can be repeatedly used in the field of styling products.
Classification of movable sentry box:
Stainless steel sentry box:stainless steel security box is composed of internal wall for heat insulation board and stainless steel;
Color steel sentry box:color steel sentry box is composed of internal walls for composite panels and exterior color steel plate;
Composite board sentry box:composite plate sentry box structure is composed of aluminum and plastic board;
Mobile toilets and so on:the housing structure adopts light steel keel structure,the steels all use national standard steel.