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Interpretation of light steel structure residential building roof system

 Foshan Xinneng Building Materials would like to share with you the kinds of application of construction steel structure?
The roof system is made of roof trusses,structural OSB panels,waterproof layers,light roofing tiles (metal or asphalt tiles) and related connections.
Maite building light steel structure roofing,the appearance can have a variety of combinations.There are many kinds of materials.Under the protection of waterproof technology,the appearance could have a lot of options.
The wall of light steel structure house is mainly composed of wall column,wall top beam,wall bottom beam,wall support,wall panel and connecting piece. 
The light steel structure housing is generally use cross wall as bearing wall structure,wall columns are C shaped steels,the wall thickness will be chosen according to the load,usually it is 0.84 ~ 2 mm,the wall column spacing is generally 400 to 600 mm,the wall layout method of light steel structure residential building can effectively withstand and reliably transmiss the vertical load,and convenient arrangement.But Maite light steel structure residential building's wall structure cannot bear horizontal load.