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Construction method of steel structure factory

 Foshan Xinneng Building Materials Co.,Ltd would like to share with you the construction method of steel structure factory:
Installation procedure of steel structure:installation of steel column-installation of column bracing-temporary erection of steel crane beam-roof beam&roof support-adjustment and fixture of steel crane beam-installation of maintenance structure.
Here is the installation procedure for the steel column:
1,Because the steel column is heavy and long,so it cannot be made or transported by one time,therefore it uses section production.The scene assembly as a whole,then carries on the hoisting method,intends to divide the steel column into two manufacturing.The steel column is divided into two sections,the lower lattice part and the upper H section steel column,which are transported to the site.The weight of the steel column is about 6 tons.The height of the steel column is about 17 meters.The 50 ton truck crane can meet the requirement of hoisting,and then be supported by one 25 tons truck cranes for lifting.
2,Hoisting using single machine slewing lifting.Before lifting,place the wooden rod on the steel column and baseboard to avoid the damage of the steel column during the lifting process.When lifting a steel column,the crane shall hook up and turn the arm aside so that the steel column is perpendicular to the ground and the post is placed in the cup.