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Color steel prefab house usage points

 What's the points should be paid attention of the color steel prefab house during usage? Here,let's tell you by Foshan Xinneng Building Materials Co.,Ltd:

(1) Color steel prefab house should pay attention to wind resisitance.Color steel prefab house is light weight and simple structure so its wind resistance is weak.In order to improve the wind resistance,we suggest the clients choose good manufacturers and don't concern about cheap price and leave the future trouble.If the customer already installed the  prefab house without wind resistance capacity,we suggest they use 4*4 angle steel on the roof along the length of the prefab hosue with the fixed at the top of the front wall and the back wall;
(2)Color steel prefab house is using polystyrene as sandwich panel,then should pay attention to fire prevention.For example:welding construction should not near the wall,in winter heating stove should install fire device,indoor line should adopt metal pipe laying,metal pipe should be grounded or the refractory tube also need to go through the wall should also be combined with casing protection,need waterproof roofing materials in the burner are strictly prohibited!In the open area, when the roofing tile is less than 0.6 mm,the house should be equipped with lightning rod;
(3)Color steel prefab house should pay attention to the purlin size should not be too small,after the construction fulfilled at each part of the connection 
reinforcement program.