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Color steel prefab house structure illustration

 What is the structure of color steel prefab house? What characteristics does it have? Now let's tell you by Xinneng Building:
1)The roof trusses,columns and beams of prefab house are welded by steel structure. The walls are made of color steel plate and light heat insulation sandwich panel, and the roof could be used of color steel sandwich panel or color steel corrugated tile according to customer's requirements, which is made up of aluminum alloy window.
2)Light weight: every square meter's weight of sandwich panel is 10-14kg, only 1/30 of brick&concrete wall building which is called concrete building overseas.
3)Heat insulation performance: the thermal conductivity is 0.035 watts / m *degree, and it also has good heat resistance, moisture-proof,cold insulation performance.
4)Good strength, material saving,long service life:could be used as wall panels or roof panels,and also bear the structure or surround the structure.The houses no need pillars and surface decoration.The color steel sandwich panel could be used around 15-20 years which its anti-corrosion layer will not fall off.
5)Wind resistance is 8 grade.
6)Floor load is 150kg/ m2.
7)Large factories,cleaning rooms,coldrooms,containers and all kinds of steel structure multi-storey color panel houses could be designed and manufactured according to users'needs.
8)Flexible and quick installation:the sandwich panel can be assembled and disassembled again without lifting machinery.And it can be assembled and disassembled many times and reused.
9)Varieties,specifications and colors can be customized according to customer requirements.