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Advantages and characteristics of prefab house

 Do you know the advantages and characteristics of the prefab house? Let us introduce to you by Foshan Xinneng Building Materials Co.,Ltd:
The prefab house is made of steel.Its characteristics is could bedisassembled and assembled freely,convenient to transport and move.
It is suitable to land on the hillside,hills,grasslands,deserts and the riverside. 
Do not occupy space,can be created for 20-180 square meters range.The prefab houses are clean and have fully indoor facilities.
The prefab house also has stability and durability,and its surface is beautiful,too.
It can be designed and made according to customer needs,it's elegant and has good insulation performance,warm in winter and cool in summer.
Most of the prefab house structures are made in the factory.
The prefab houses are installed on site so they do not damage the environment,but also are green and environmental friendly.
The prefab house has the advantages of practical value and ornamental value,and can bring you high reward.
The prefab houses'strength lies in: steel structure,can be made for 60-240 square meters,
indoor staircase,clean,indoor facilities complete,beautiful appearance, elegant,new energy saving and environmental protection,
good insulation properties,warm in winter and cool in summer, anti-earthquake,hurricane live comfortable and warm.
The houses could be errected according to customer demand,its strong stability,long life,not only has the practical value of ornamental value.
The prefab house also could make you have feelings into the nature,truly experience the European romantic life,family travel,resorts,
villas and entertainment is preferred.